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With Honour, We fight

G3TSOME was named by 2 of its founding members 777crew and Jaydub.

The name was derived from the Black Hawk scene in the movie "Full Metal Jacket".

From there; 5 original founding members were enlisted and started playing BF1942 Desert Combat MOD. The founding members were all from the one small town; Emerald Qld. Within a couple of months The founding members had recruited all our friends from around the district and were starting get a team together.

The main thing that drove G3TSOME’S creation was the way the clan played. They always played fairly. Cheating is considered amongst the G3TSOME members to be the most heinous of Crimes. G3TSOME does not agree with spamming, spawn camping or any un-sportsman like behaviour. At the end of the day online gaming is a sport and like all sports you have a choice. You can play fair or you can play dirty. So this was how the founding members pictured G3TSOME: “A clan of honourable players who are friendly and don't run around like idiots.”

G3TSOME has been now taken to greater heights, or more so; prepared it for the future. Management groups and team structure for our existing games have been established and preparations had been made for G3TSOME to be playing games well into future. G3TSOME is willing to assimilate and game (within reason) as [G3] and start competing.

G3TSOME has certainly not been recognised as the most skilled clans to ever compete in a ladder. But it has a great reputation as “the good guys.” Even in the face of certain death, a G3TSOME member will meet and greet their foes head on and play honourably even after there are no bullets left. We always have fun and have never been overly concerned with victory.

"Fight with honour and you are victorious even in the face of defeat", this hails from the era of the Samurai; who believed as long as they died on their feet fighting with honour and respect, even in death victory would be held.With Honour, We fight.


G3TSOME will provide Gamers, a community that values honour, respect and fair play. We strive to maintain these ideals and invite any gamer with similar values to become a part of our community.

G3TSOME was created by the members, for the members. All members are equal in position and rights.

We will strive to expand into new gaming arenas as well as maintaining our support for our current gaming arenas.

G3TSOME has never or ever will condone the use of any cheat codes or programs, using exploits, or any action that destroys the integrity of the Clan, Game or Player.

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