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Mercenaries Application Process Contract & Details

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Posted 09 April 2008 - 07:31 AM

If you have been asked by one of our team captains to be a mercenary for G3TSOME please read this post.

Step 1:

- You must have a registered account on our forums (You can't post your application without one) but being registered on our forums doens't grant you mercenary status, only the ability to apply for mercenary status.

Step 2:

- Our forums rules are as follows, they are to be adhered to when posting on our forums:
    [1] Please keep your language to a minimum, it is acceptable to swear on occasion and to make a point but you will be warned if you use to much of it and it will be deleted as well.
    [2] The C word is not to be used in any post or on any server.
    [3] You must log in to post in all sections of this forum and guests can only read posts not reply or see avatars or file attachments.
    [4] This forum Is not to be used for Attacking any other gaming group by any non member of the [G3TSOME]clan.
    [5] Unacceptable content in these forums includes the following in links, inuendo or the software its self.
    • Pirated software
    • Hacker programs or archives
    • Warez sites
    • Illegal MP3's
    • Child Pornography or pornography in general
    • Racist content
    • Explict drug conversation including but not limited to manufacture of and/or partaking in usage of
    • Anything deemed not reasonable by the management commitee
    • Anything Illegal under Australian Law
- We have a few rules we live by and you must agree to uphold these rules while you are part of our clan, they are as follows:
    [1] Members of [G3TSOME] shall be kind, courteous and respectful to other G3tsome members, other clans and the public.
    [2] No Cheating or Hacking is allowed we play fair. Cheating will be disciplined and if it continues we will not hesitate in dismissing you from [G3TSOME]. We require a higher standard from clan members.
    [3] You cannot be in any other clans of the games that we play. (see note at bottom)
    [4] No swearing or abuse on the public servers even if they deserve it keep your cool you must show respect and honour.
    [5] You must follow all public server rules to the letter.
    [6] You must have teamspeak installed. We use it to talk to each other when playing or in battle. When on TS there must not be excessive swearing or abuse.
    [7] When we play in tournaments/scrims win or lose we act with honour no bad mouthing the other team on in game chat only good comments.
    [8] Help other clan members in any way possible eg teach them to play better.
    [9] If you are going to be GONE for a long time (2 weeks or more) be polite and post a message about it in the forums.
    [10] In tournaments you must abide by the server rules.
    [11] ANNOUNCE Yourself on TS when you enter or leave by saying hello/brb/good bye. That is just being polite.
    [12] You must have good sportsmanship to all.
    [13] Members of [G3TSOME] will finish all games. [G3TSOME] never quit, even when all hope is lost. (Its easy to be a humble and gracious winner and we also are humble and gracious when we lose.)
    All of these are common sense, but still they are necessary.
Step 3:

- Get Teamspeak installed and set-up, this requires you too have a microphone and preferably headphones.
http://www.goteamspeak.com to download the free client. Set-up walkthroughs can be found on there site, our server details will be given to you by your mentor after applying.

Step 4:

- Mercenaries who have been requested to join a specific G3 team will need to fill out the following contract and post it in the Applications thread.

Contract for Mercenaries to G3TSOME

Real Name:
Known As:

Which G3TSOME captain has requested your assistance?:
Which G3 Team will you be assisting?:

What other clans are you working for and for which Games?:
Have you been banned from servers?:
Do you have Teamspeak set-up and working?:

Step 5:

- Once your application post has been approved by your team captain you will be granted mercenary status. A mentor will contact you regarding what to do next and to answer any questions you may have.

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