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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Game review

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Posted 15 October 2007 - 06:32 PM

Developers: Id and Splash Damage


This game is a prequel to quake 2, but has been completely redesigned.

The strogg are an alien race that destroys everything in it path, and of course earth happens to be right on the painted white lines. The GDF (Humans) rise to prevent the "Alien Scum" from over running our world and turning us into food.

Traditional Quake games, had the players steal their local drug dealers speed stash and swallow the whole lot, which also gave them the ability to leap tall mountains (eg Everest) in single bounds.

ET:QW is based in the future but is more reality based.


The graphics in the game are crisp and clear and smooth. Only on the odd occasion have I witnessed a plane crashing in the distance and it becoming dots rather than a solid image.

Good solid graphics, but it not something that your going to need a change of pants for.



Sound is good on this game but there is no eax, and anyone who has eax and ever played bf2, knows the sound quality is so good that you can't hear for at least an hour if your turn your headphones up to half volume.



This is where this game really excels. THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR CLANS. The entire gameplay is based on one simple rule. Heroes don't win wars, an army does.

Sure you can go off and blast away at everything that moves and kill the entire enemy by yourself, but that will get you absolutely no where. The entire gameplay is based on each class has to fulfill a mission to achieve the overall objective. XP is earned from doing your job. Sure you earn XP from killing, but it is very little and you will not advance through the ranking structure.

Both Strogg and GDF are evenly matched in weapons and vehicles, so as not to create an unfair advantage. This game is very well balanced eg all bullets hurt vehicles including tanks and planes, while it may not be alot if hit enough the person in the vehicle may turn around or focus their attack on you while your team mate looks onto it with a rocket launcher.

It is also nice to see that when the Strogg invaded earth that they realised that USA was not the world. Maps are located in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, America and other countries around the world.

One flaw is that every map is played the same. You have a defending side and you have an attacking side. While it is still alot of fun, it would be nice to have a map where both sides have to capture the same strategic point and defend it (aka King of the hill)


Ranking system

ET:QW has included a ranking system as most games are doing now. I find it a good way to track my progress and identify my weaknesses in the game. This ranking system is good but it needs a little tweaking.

For example. Engineering medal requires that you construct two main objectives (eg build the bridge so your team can move forward). While this is not a problem, but you do not get part points for helping build the bridge, and if you have two or three engies trying to build the one objective the person who the game determines finishes it gets all the credit.

The ranking system was not made to be easy, as you do not unlock any further weapons, but as I said it needs a little tweaking.



I believe ET:QW presents a novel idea for unlocks.

Each round has three maps, and your xp carries over into each of the three maps. But on the start of a new round (3 new maps) your XP is reset to zero. Now what happens is when you reach a certain level of xp you rank up in the round and unlock a new weapon or trait, once that weapon or trait has been unlocked you have it for the remaining maps in the round. This allows players to get better weapons and health etc. But when the new round starts (next 3 maps) you start from scratch again. So if you want the unlocks quickly you have to gain the XP by doing the missions set out for you. This keeps the game balanced and fair, so a higher ranked player just can't jump in a server of low ranked players and kill everyone with a nuclear weapon.



Overall - fantastic game.

It is refreshing to see someone make a game where it is the teams effort that counts and not the individuals


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Posted 04 January 2008 - 10:20 AM

nice reveiw. only 1 diference in the first part. its based of Quake 2 and enemy territory, yes its a game =P

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Posted 14 September 2009 - 11:24 AM

played it, personally don't like it

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Posted 04 February 2017 - 01:15 AM

It looks pretty cool, but seems like it is taking forever to release.

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